Ensure S/4HANA migration success – what to do before, during and after

S/4HANA migration is never simple. An expert panel discusses the challenges and how to plan for the day after S/4HANA Go live.

Whether you’re excited about it or not, migrating your SAP environment is probably somewhere on your roadmap over the next few years. As you’ve probably heard, it is not a straightforward process and could take a lot of resource, energy, effort and money.

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Migrating SAP HANA to the Cloud: AWS, Azure, and GCP

SAP HANA is an in-memory system for managing relational databases. Because HANA is based on a columnar structure, and stores all data in memory, data can be retrieved with very high performance compared to traditional RDBMS systems. SAP HANA is commonly used for next generation applications, business intelligence, and analytics.

HANA lets you perform advanced analysis directly in the database, without requiring third party tools

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The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation

From the realities of remote work to the increased focus on digital commerce, organizations are facing new challenges to their IT and security infrastructure— not to mention their general viability as a business. In response, many are rethinking their strategies and accelerating changes to their technology stacks to best confront the new future—primarily through the cloud.

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